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 Forum Mission Statement

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Lt Para
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Managing Partners
Lt Para

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PostSubject: Forum Mission Statement   Forum Mission Statement EmptyWed Apr 09, 2008 10:09 pm

The Forum Mission Statement:

You must be respectful to all members.

If the Moderators or Board Administrators deem something posted is abusive, hateful, or defamed/insulted anyone. The Member will receive a Personal Message, the thread will be locked, then they will be given the opportunity to explain or retract any statement.

Deletions of entire posts will no longer be allowed. You may edit your post however excessive editing may result in the loss of that privelage.

You must respect everyone's Race, Sexual Orientation, Religious Beliefs and their Political Affiliations including Civilian or Military Affiliation.

Decisions of Moderators are final. We will still have the appeal process. As a member in good standing you have the right to appeal any decision that was moderated to an Administrative member, your appeal will be reviewed and you will be given an opportunity to defend yourself accordingly. Any decision of an appeal is final.

Please do not abuse the Private Messaging system, abuses or inappropriate content can be submitted for moderation.

It is illegal to harass or threaten anyone. Threats, harassment and stalking are taken very seriously. Posts that might be construed as such may be deleted and made available to the proper law enforcement officials upon request of the victim.

Challenging someone's views/beliefs is acceptable, however no insulting of these views will be tolerated. This includes calling someone's beliefs 'BS' or referring to that poster in a derogatory fashion. Such posts will be edited and appropriate action will be taken.

You may not suggest or encourage illegal activity, posts that contain illegal activity will be deleted.

MSP will report any obvious illegal intent to the proper authorities immediately.
This includes (but is not limited to) identity theft, plagiarism or predatory actions.

No written text is allowed to be removed from this forum without the consent of its author, so please do not cut and paste without first asking for permission.

All posts become the property of MSP forum and will not be removed at the request of the member unless deemed unacceptable/offensive.

Choose a username carefully. You may not use names that are offensive, that suggest illegal activities or that are meant to intimidate other users. Any such names will be blocked from posting on our message boards. Only one account per IP address is permitted. If administration finds more than one account is being used, all accounts for that IP will be blocked.

Please do not moderate the forum, no member has the right or privilege to tell another member they are not welcome, or that they have behaved poorly. Please report any incident immediately.

No bashing of MStP or any other forums or their administrative members will be tolerated.
If you personally attack any forum or its administrative members, the thread will be deleted and you will be banned.

All new members are required to at least make 1 post to verify and log your IP address. Failure to do so will result in the account being suspended immediately, no activity for a period of 30 days will also result in a suspended account. This policy ensures the site members that they are not being monitered.

Advertising is only accepted in the Bargain Basement area.
Please do not post ads, links or services outside this area.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Forum Mission Statement
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